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TerraNova 2/CAT 6

The TerraNova 2, also known as the CAT 6, is a nationally-recognized, norm-referenced test that meets most states’ annual testing requirements. The TerraNova/CAT 6 was normed in 2005, and replaces the CAT 5. It provides a series of tests that are easy to administer, stimulating to take, and most importantly extremely accurate in their assessment of student achievement. This test is the updated CAT 5.TerraNova 2/CAT 6 tests can be rented by homeschoolers and private & public schools (on school letterhead).


We have specific ordering steps for Schools & Groups here.

TerraNova, Second Edition® (CAT 6), is now available from Seton in the following forms:

Complete Battery
Grades 1-3
Levels 10-13
Complete Battery Plus
Grades 2-12
Levels 12-21/22
Survey Plus
Grades: 2, 4, 6-12
Levels 12, 14, 16-21/22

Pricing and Grades

Grades 1-3 Complete Battery$47.50
Grades 2-12 Complete Battery with Plus Test$47.50
Grades 2 & 4, 6-12 Survey Battery with Plus Test$47.50
Grades 2-4, 6-12 Survey Battery$47.50

Administration Requirements

  • No Degree Required
  • Paper booklet test
  • Signed Test Agreement Form
  • Can be rented by homeschools, private schools and public schools
  • 14-day rental period

Test Restrictions

State Restrictions: No restrictions.

Test Prep

Prepare your student for success with TerraNova Practice Tests, Test Prep & Test Prep Bundles.


The TerraNova/CAT 6 Evaluates:

  • Reading
  • Word Analysis
  • Vocabulary
  • Language
    • Usage
    • Mechanics
    • Spelling
  • Mathematics
    • Computation
    • Problem Solving and Concepts
  • Science
  • Social Studies


Ordering the TerraNova/CAT 6

  • Place your order 3 weeks to 5 months BEFORE your desired test date.

  • July 1-February 28 ONLY: To test sooner than 3 weeks out, do the following: After selecting the earliest test week, in the comments box just above the “Place Order” button, say: “SEND IMMEDIATELY.” Then your order should ship within 1 business day.
  • March 1-June 30: IOWA, CogAT, & TerraNova/CAT 6 orders placed over the phone or online cannot be moved up and will ship about 10 days before your beginning test week. This applies to walk-in customers also.
  • WHAT YOU GET: The price of a TerraNova test covers the 14-day rental cost of the student test booklet, test administration directions, answer sheet, standard shipping to you, scoring, and posting the test results.


Administration and Completion


  • K–3 (Levels 10-13) must be administered separately by grade.
  • Grades 4–5 (Levels 14–15) may be administered together.
  • Grades 6–8 (Levels 16–18) may be administered together.
  • Grades 9–12 (Levels 19–21/22) may be administered together.
Complete Battery Completion Times:Survey/Plus Battery Completion Times:
  • Grades K–3 (Levels 10-13): 3 — 5½ total hours over 2 to 3 days
  • Grades 4–12 (Levels 14–21/22): 4½-5½ total hours over 3 days
  • Grades 2–3 (Levels 12–13): 2½ – 4 total hours over 2 days
  • Grades 4–12 (Levels 14–21/22): 4½ total hours over 2 days

Note: These are approximate times. If you opt to do just the core portions of the test (Reading, Language, and Math), administration time will be substantially decreased.

Norming Dates

TerraNova/CAT 6 tests scored between the following dates will be scored with the following norming data.

September 1 – November 30Fall Norms
December 1 – Last day of FebruaryMidyear Norms
March 1 – August 31Spring Norms

If you want the Terranova/CAT 6 test scored for a norm period different from the current one, please download, print, and complete the Off-Norm Scoring Request Form and return it with payment and your test materials.

How to Fill-in a Terranova 2/CAT 6 Answer Sheet for Levels 14-21/22 (Grades 4-12)


Yes, the TerraNova/CAT 6 is a timed test and takes from one and one-half hours to five and one-half hours of actual working time for the students to complete, depending upon the grade level and the test taken. All levels of the TerraNova/CAT 6 are timed. No section for the TerraNova/CAT 6 is longer than 40 minutes. No more than two or three tests should be given in one day. The tests should be spread out over a 3 or 4 day period. View what is tested on each level and the completion times for each section.

The TerrraNova/Cat 6 is a nationally normed achievement test. Achievement tests measure skills that are learned in school and address specific content areas such as reading and mathematics and measure academic progress. Your child’s scores are compared to the scores of other children who have taken the test, the norming population for the test. There is no direct correlation between the number of correct answers and the percentiles reported. If, for example, a student scores at the fifty-seventh percentile, it indicates that a student scored higher than fifty-seven percent of students who took this test in the national sampling group for his grade level, not that the student got fifty-seven percent of the questions correct.

The TerraNova, Second Edition, known as the CAT 6 is the 6th edition of the California Achievement Test. It tests grades 1-12 students in the areas of Reading (Grades 1-12), Language (Grades 1-12), Math (Grades 1-12), Social Studies (Grades 1-12) and Science (Grades 1-12). It is available in Complete Battery or Survey form. Also included is the Plus Test, which tests Word Analysis (Levels 11-21/22), Vocabulary (Levels 11-21/22), Language Mechanics (Levels 12-21/22), Spelling (Levels 12-21/22) and Math Computation (Levels 11-21/22). Click the following link for a detailed document of the TerraNova Scope & Sequence.

The Survey edition is a shortened form of the TerraNova/CAT 6 that is composed from a subset of items found in the Complete Battery. Administering the Survey form of the test takes about half as much time as the Complete Battery. Both the Survey and the Complete Battery measure the same content areas, but the Survey has fewer questions. The Survey is a shorter test and does not provide the breadth of coverage for each objective that is found in the Complete Battery. The Plus tests are the same for both forms of the test.

The publisher suggests that you should use the Complete Battery when making high stakes decisions (such as acceptance into an academic program), when you have three or more hours to administer a test, or when the results of a test are likely to be challenged. Use the Survey if the testing time is short, if you are screening for a program entry or exit, or using this as a pre/post test model for which the Survey would be your post test. The Survey w/Plus is offered for grades 2, 4, and 6-12. The Complete Battery w/Plus is offered for grades 1-12.

The Plus section is additional math, reading, and language questions that are all optional.

The TerraNova/Cat 6 test is designed so that almost all students have time to complete the test. The percentage of students completing the final question in each section of each subtest varies by grade and format. Approximately 94-99% of students complete the tests in the time allotted. Please read and adhere to the testing directions for the timing of each test section.

How do you fill-in a TerraNova/CAT 6 answer sheet for grades 4-12?

Practice Tests

TerraNova 2/CAT 6 Practice Tests

TerraNova Practice Test KitThese short practice tests (4-8 pages), published by the TerraNova 2/CAT 6 publisher, will give students an idea of what to expect on test day and increase their confidence in taking the test. A few practice questions (about 7-14) are given in each booklet, the answers to which are provided in the Practice Test Directions for Administration booklet. Directions for Administration read like a script. Students mark their answers in bubbles like on an actual test. Practice Tests are untimed but can be completed in 40 minutes. For the most effective use, the Practice Test should be administered one to two days before the test date.

TerraNova/CAT 6 Practice tests may be administered by anyone.

These practice tests are especially recommended for students testing for the first time. They are also good for when students transition from marking answers in the booklets to filling out a separate answer document (starting with the TerraNova/CAT 6 Level 14 (Grade 4)).

Practice tests are available in kits or as individual student practice tests. Each practice test booklet for a particular level or group of levels contains the same questions in each booklet. For more extensive practice test booklets with multiple practice tests, please see Scoring High on the TerraNova/CAT or Spectrum Test Practice Reproducible.

Student Practice Tests for GRADES K, 1, & 2 (Levels 10-12) CANNOT be administered without using the Directions for Administration.

TerraNova 2/CAT 6 Practice Test Kit (1 Administration Booklet with Answer Key & 1 Student Test Booklet) $16.50


TerraNova 2/CAT 6 Practice Test (1 Student Booklet Only – NO ADMINISTRATION BOOKLET/NO ANSWER KEY) $4.50


Scoring High on the TerraNova/CAT 6Scoring High on the TerraNova/CAT

This practice test program is one of the most comprehensive available for the TerraNova/CAT Test.

Available in two options and two prices from Seton.

Both options include the Student Edition Workbook of approximately 150 pages which includes these features and opportunities:

  • Practice questions in Reading, Language, Word Analysis, Spelling, Language Mechanics, Vocabulary, Mathematics, and Science
  • Familiarizes the student with the test format
  • Expanded practice opportunities

2 Formats – 2 Prices

1. The Student Edition Workbook Only. Included is the Student Edition Workbook from the Kit. There is no Teacher Edition and no Answer Key provided with this purchase. Price $19.00 *PLEASE NOTE: Do not order only the Student Edition Workbook for grade 2. The Answer Key (option 2) is needed for use with the Student Edition Workbook for grade 2. However, you may purchase the student book separately if extra copies are needed.


2. The Student Edition Workbook and Answer Key. Included is the Student Edition Workbook from the Kit and an Answer Key for the parent or teacher. Price $26.00



Resources for the TerraNova 2/CAT 6

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