Test Administrators

Test Administrators must agree to administer the standardized tests according to the publisher’s requirements.
Below is information regarding requirements of each of the standardized tests offered by Seton Testing Services.

Administration Requirements

CAT Survey

  • No degree required
  • No agreement required
No Form Required


  • B.A. or B.S. Degree
  • Test Agreement
    (annual signing is required by publisher)

TerraNova/CAT 6

  • No degree required
  • Test Agreement
    (one-time completion required by publisher)

Stanford 10 Online

  • No degree required
  • Test Agreement
    (one-time completion required by publisher)

Testing Security

Security involves procedures for shipping, receiving, storing, disseminating, and controlling test materials. Test security is essential for the protection of the integrity of all standardized tests and all tests in general. All test administrators must abide by these rules in order to protect the integrity and validity of the test and the testing session.

  1. Test materials must be stored in a secure, locked area when not in use and only be handled by the test administrator and authorized personnel.
  2. Students should not be left alone with testing materials at any time.
  3. Test materials should not be reproduced in any way.
  4. Test administrators should not discuss test content or use it for review, practice or demonstration.
  5. Test administrators must be prepared and familiar with test directions before entering any test session.
  6. Test administrators must follow the procedures in the Directions for Administration and adhere to any time constraints based on the guidelines of the test.
  7. Test administrators must return all the materials via a trackable and insured shipping method to Seton Testing Services after the testing session.

Testing Products

Seton carries nationally normed standardized achievement tests, practice tests, online diagnostic tests, and other assessment materials to meet your needs for grades K-12.

Here is a list of the tests that we provide:

IOWA Tests Form E
(IOWA Assessments Form E, Grades K-12)

Cognitive Abilities Test™ Form 7 (CogAT 7)
(Grades 2-12) Private Schools Only

CAT/ Survey Edition
(California Achievement Test, Grades 4-12)

TerraNova 2/ CAT 6 Complete Battery with Plus Test
(Grades K-12)

TerraNova 2/ CAT 6 Survey with Plus Test
(Grades 2-4, 6-12)

Stanford 10 Online Test
(Grades 3-12)

Let’s Go Learn™
(Diagnostic Reading and Math Tests for Grades Pre-K–12)

(APT) Algebra Placement Test

Test Preparation Materials
(Brain Quest, Scoring High, Practice Tests, PSAT, SAT, ACT)

For a complete description and to place your order, visit our individual product pages by clicking the links above.

Getting Started on How to Decide which Standardized Test to Order

Get the grade level test for the grade the student is currently in or has just recently completed according to a traditional school-year calendar.
If you are trying to determine your child’s grade level placement, please see our diagnostic online assessments for reading and math.

The IOWA Form E and TerraNova/CAT 6 are the only standardized tests we offer that are available for all the grades K-12.

Grades K – 2:  Your only options are the IOWA Form E or the TerraNova/CAT 6.

Whoever administers the IOWA Form E must have a bachelor’s degree. No degree is required to administer the TerraNova/CAT 6.

Grades 3 – 12:  If you prefer an online test, an option for 3rd* – 12th grade is the Stanford Online.

*3rd grade testing for the Stanford Online is only available from January 1 – July 31.

Grades 4 – 12:  You could use any of our standardized tests.

  • If you want a standardized test that covers only Reading, Language Arts, and Math, get the CAT E/Survey (California Achievement Test).
  • If you want to cover those subjects plus Science & Social Studies, then use the IOWA Form E, the TerraNova/CAT 6, or the Stanford Online.

  • For further differences between the tests and possible state restrictions, please see our Test Comparison Charts or download this Test Overview Info File.

    There are special ordering steps and discounts for schools and groups.

    Testing 1-2-3 Overview

    Step 1: Order the test.

    Step 2: Administer the test.

    Step 3: Return the test to Seton for scoring.

    1. For paper tests, you order the standardized test and Seton ships it to you with test directions.
    2. You administer the test and then return ALL the test materials back to Seton IMMEDIATELY.
    3. Seton scores the test in about 2 weeks, uploads the reports to your online account, & notifies you.

    How to Order a Standardized Test

    For school/group ordering, click the following link for Schools & Groups.

    For individual ordering, click the following links for the IOWA Form E, CAT, TerraNova/CAT 6, or Stanford Online tests.

    Seton Testing Services is here to help you every step of the way.

    BEFORE You Order

    Step 1: Review our Getting Started tab, Test Comparison Charts, and product description pages to decide which test is right for your students.

    Step 2: Chat with one of our Testing Consultants over the phone (800-542-1066) or online if you are still unsure of what to order. They will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the tests, test prep materials, or the testing policies. They can also help you place your order over the phone.

    Step 3: Order online 3 weeks to 5 months before your desired test date at the product pages for the IOWA Form E, CAT, TerraNova/CAT 6, or Stanford Online. Test prep products on your order are usually shipped within 1 business day while the actual test is shipped about 2 weeks before your beginning test week which you select at check-out. Your rental period begins the first day of your selected beginning test week.

    AFTER You Receive the Test Materials

    Step 1: Open your testing packet immediately and review your packing list/invoice to make sure all materials are present. Keep materials in a secure location until you are ready to administer the test.

    Step 2: Follow the directions for administering the test within the 14-day, 21-day, or 30-day rental period for the test.

    Step 3: After administering the test, follow the instructions contained in your Test Administration Directions for packaging the answer documents.

    Step 4: Return ALL the answer documents and testing materials back to Seton Testing IMMEDIATELY via a trackable & insurable shipping method. Return shipping is the customer’s responsibility. Materials should be returned in their original condition to:

    Seton Testing Services
    1350 Progress Drive, Suite B
    Front Royal, VA 22630
    Step 5: After check-in processing, allow 2 weeks for test results from Seton.
      • Once your IOWA or TerraNova/CAT 6 tests are scored, results can be found in your user account created online at SetonTesting.com.
      • CAT E/Survey test results will be mailed to you and can be found in your online user account.

    Nationally Normed Standardized Achievement Tests

    Standardized tests are meant to show proof of progress. They are not pass/fail tests. The test results show how your student compares nationally to other students in the same grade level who took the same test at the same time of year (Fall, Midyear, or Spring) when the test was normed.

    *July 1-February 28 ONLY: To test sooner that 3 weeks out for the IOWA, CogAT, and TerraNova/CAT 6, do the following: After selecting the earliest test week, in the comments box just above the “Place Order” button, say: “SEND IMMEDIATELY.” Then it should ship within 1 business day.

    March 1-June 30: IOWA, CogAT, and TerraNova/CAT 6 orders placed over the phone or online cannot be moved up and will ship for your testing date.
    This applies to walk-in customers also.

    The Stanford 10 Online orders can be moved up to an earlier test date all year-round. If you are requesting an earlier test date than is allowed at check out, in the comments box indicate the dates you actually want to test. Stanford test dates can be moved up until Thursday 5:00 PM the week before for the next week at no additional charge. After 5pm on Thursday, Stanford orders placed for the next week or Monday morning Stanford orders placed for the same testing week cost an additional $25. In the comments box at check-out, you can give us permission to charge your credit card for the additional fee or you can call us toll free at 888-766-0029 to confirm.

    **Product cannot be shipped until the Test Agreement is signed.

    More Test Comparison Charts.