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Test Administrators

Test Administrators must agree to administer the standardized tests according to the publisher’s requirements.

Below is information regarding requirements of each of the standardized tests offered by Seton Testing Services.

Getting Started

Getting Started on How to Decide which Standardized Test to Order

Generally speaking, get the grade level for the grade they are currently in or have just completed. So if you are testing during Fall Norms, you would get the test for the grade level your student is beginning. For Midyear Norms, order the test for the grade the student is in. During Spring Norms, get the test for the grade the student is finishing or has completed. For norm period dates for the standardized tests we offer, please see the Scoring Reports and Results page.

If you are trying to determine your child’s grade level placement, please see our diagnostic online assessments for reading and math.

Grade K:  Your only option is the IOWA Form E.

Grades 1 – 12:  Your options are the IOWA Form E or the TerraNova/CAT 6.

Grades 3 – 12:  If you prefer an online test, an option for 3rd – 12th grade is the Stanford Online. 3rd grade testing for the Stanford Online is only available from January 1 – July 31.

Grades 4 – 12:  You could use any of our standardized tests.
* If you want a standardized test that covers only Reading, Language Arts, and Math, get the CAT E/Survey (California Achievement Test).
* If you want to cover those subjects plus Science & Social Studies, then use the IOWA Form E, the TerraNova/CAT 6, or the Stanford Online.

For further differences between the tests and possible state restrictions, please see our Test Comparison Charts.

There are special ordering steps and discounts for schools and groups.

Administration Requirements

CAT Survey
No degree required
No agreement required
Additional Test Information
Policies & Procedures

Bachelor’s degree preferred; not required
Test Agreement
(annual signing is required by publisher)
Sign Agreement
Additional Test Information, Policies

TerraNova/CAT 6
No degree required
Test Agreement
(one-time completion required by publisher)
Sign Agreement
Additional Test Information, Policies

Stanford 10 Online
No degree required
Test Agreement
(one-time completion required by publisher)
Sign Agreement
Additional Test InformationPolicies

Testing Security

Security involves procedures for shipping, receiving, storing, disseminating, and controlling test materials. Test security is essential for the protection of the integrity of all standardized tests and all tests in general. All test administrators must abide by these rules in order to protect the integrity and validity of the test and the testing session.

Test materials must be stored in a secure, locked area when not in use and only be handled by the test administrator and authorized personnel.
• Students should not be left alone with testing materials at any time.
• Test materials should not be reproduced in any way.
• Test administrators should not discuss test content or use it for review, practice or demonstration.
• Test administrators must be prepared and familiar with test directions before entering any test session.
• Test administrators must follow the procedures in the Directions for Administration and adhere to any time constraints based on the guidelines of the test.
• Test administrators must return all the materials via a trackable and insured shipping method to Seton Testing Services after the testing session.