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The Online Algebra Placement Test

The Online Algebra Placement Test (APT) is a quick and easy way to see if your student is ready for Algebra I. Based on our 25 years of testing experience, Seton’s APT has helped thousands of families analyze their children’s aptitude and likelihood for success in Algebra I.

The test is simple to take. The results are immediate and accurate.

The key to the test’s forecasting accuracy is two-fold.

  • First, it covers nineteen key concepts essential for success in Algebra I.
  • Second, Seton’s predictive ability is based on correlating thousands of test results with students’ actual course experience.

Your test results will instantly provide you with valuable insight to help you determine your child’s likelihood of success in the course.

When your student submits his or her test, an easy-to-understand analysis will instantly pinpoint any concepts that need further study. It will also display sample problems and solutions.

For your convenience, Test Results reference the lesson in the Saxon Algebra ½ textbook that teaches each of the nineteen concepts covered in the APT.

Please Note: Although Test Results will show the likelihood of success in the course, it is not a guarantee. Success is ultimately based on hard work and study.

19 Key Concepts covered by the Algebra Placement Test

  1. Fractional Equations
  2. Division Rule for Equations
  3. Subtraction and Multiplication of Signed Numbers
  4. Addition-Subtraction Rule for Equations
  5. Percent Word Problems
  6. Addition & Subtraction of Mixed Numbers & Fractions
  7. Addition-Subtraction & Multiplication Rules for Equations
  8. Variables and Evaluation
  9. Symbols of Inclusion
  1. Least Common Multiple
  2. 2-Step Equations with Fractions
  3. Word Problems with Ratios
  4. Ratio and Proportion
  5. Simplifying Equations
  6. Rules for Addition and Signed Numbers
  7. Percent Word Problems & Visualizing Percents Less than 100
  8. Exponents and Signed Numbers
  9. Rate Word Problems
  10. Evaluation with Signed Numbers

Is the Algebra Placement Test timed?

The test is not timed. The 40 test questions should only take approximately 1 hour to complete.

What Happens After I Order the Test?

Seton will send you an email with a link to access the test online. The email should arrive in your inbox within 2 hours.

Scoring Reports and Results

Results are immediate and will be accessible through your email link.



$20 Includes FREE Redo
You may retake the test for free within 30 days of your first testing.

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