Scoring Reports and Results

  • Tests will not be scored until all test materials are returned and lost/late/damaged fees have been paid.
  • Answer sheets should be completely filled out and checked for errors before they are returned.
  • Consumable tests booklets and answer documents not completed in a #2 pencil will not be scored. Handscoring charges may apply.
  • Contact Seton Testing for options before returning damaged answer sheets or damaged consumable test booklets to be scored.
  • Seton typically posts test reports to your online user account within 2 weeks of you receiving a confirmation email from us that your returned test materials have been checked into our database.
  • Year-round machine scoring locally.
  • Reading this Explanation of Scoring Terms will help you understand the test report.
  • Seton does not send test results to third parties unless directed to by the account holder.


  • Tests scored between the following dates will be scored with the following norming data.
    September 1 – November 30 Fall Norms
    December 1 – Last day of February Midyear Norms
    March 1 – August 31 Spring Norms
  • To automatically be scored at no extra cost according to a particular norm period, tests need to be returned to our facility postmarked no later than the last day of that norm period.
  • If you want the CAT or TerraNova/CAT 6 scored for a norm period different from the current one, when you return the test include a check made out to Seton Testing Services for $15 per test for off-norm scoring and indicate the norm period (Fall, Midyear, or Spring) for which you want the test scored.
  • For expedited scoring service: When returning your test materials, write “Expedited Scoring” on the outside of the package and include a note asking for expedited scoring and a check made out to Seton Testing Services for $25 per test. Once your test materials have been checked-in at our facility, we will score your test and post the results to your account typically within 1 business day.


Additional Scoring Services and Fees

  • Scoring Only Orders (TerraNova/CAT 6 Only) – Grades K-3: $9.50 per student for grades K-3; Grades 4-12: $9 per student
  • Replacement fee for lost or damaged consumable test booklet – $25 per booklet
  • Replacement fee for lost or damaged answer document – $15 per answer document
  • Rental period extension – $20 per test per 14 days, 21 days, or 30 days depending on test brand
  • Off-season scoring/norming – $15 per test (CAT & TerraNova/CAT 6 only)
  • Handscoring of damaged, non-scorable tests – $50 per test
  • Specialized Score Report – Emailed is $10 per report; Mailed is $15 per report.
  • Expedited Scoring – Scoring of tests within 1 business day of delivery to our offices – $25.00 per test (applicable to walk-ins as well, no exceptions)



  • Official IOWA E test reports come with norm-referenced scores: scaled, grade equivalent, stanine, and percentile rank and graphed achievement percentiles.
  • Primary Reading Profile (PRP) score report included for grades K-3.
  • Sample IOWA E Test Report.

CogAT Form 7

  • Individual Profile Narrative Report
  • Standard Age Scores
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Scores (including quantitative)
  • Age/Grade Percentile Scores
  • Interpretive Information
  • Sample CogAT 7 Report
  • Interactive Ability Profile Interpretation System (This link will take you to an external site that was built to enable teachers and parents to interpret the Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT) Ability Score Profiles for their students.)


  • Norm-referenced scores: raw scores, stanine scores, percentile ranks, and composite percentile ranks.
  • Sample California Achievement Test Report.
  • Year-round machine and hand scoring at our facility.
  • One copy of the test report per student will be mailed.


  • Official TerraNova test reports come with norm-referenced scores: scaled, grade equivalent, stanine, percentile ranks, and graphed achievement percentiles.
  • Sample TerraNova/CAT 6 Test Report.
  • The TerraNova test for grade K can only be scored according to Midyear or Spring Norms.