Test Comparison Charts

Seton offers year-round testing & scoring services.
If you are new to testing with Seton, you may want to take a look at our overview of the testing process.

Nationally Normed Standardized Achievement Tests

Standardized tests are meant to show proof of progress. They are not pass/fail tests. The test results show how your student compares nationally to other students in the same grade level who took the same test at the same time of year (Fall, Midyear, or Spring) when the test was normed.

*July 1-February 28 ONLY: If you want to test sooner than 3 weeks out for the IOWA, CogAT, and TerraNova/CAT 6, do the following: After selecting the earliest test week, in the comments box just above the “Place Order” button, say: “SEND IMMEDIATELY.”

March 1-June 30: IOWA, CogAT, and TerraNova/CAT 6 orders placed over the phone or online cannot be moved up and will ship for your testing date.
This applies to walk-in customers also.

The Stanford 10 Online orders can be moved up to an earlier test date all year-round. If you are requesting an earlier test date than is allowed at check out, in the comments box indicate the dates you actually want to test. Stanford test dates can be moved up until Thursday 5:00 PM the week before for the next week at no additional charge. After 5pm on Thursday, Stanford orders placed for the next week or Monday morning Stanford orders placed for the same testing week cost an additional $25. In the comments box at check-out, you can give us permission to charge your credit card for the additional fee or you can call us toll free at 888-766-0029 to confirm.

**Product cannot be shipped until the Test Agreement is signed.

Aptitude Tests

The Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT) is used to identify gifted and talented students as well as at-risk students who may need further assessment.
The Online Algebra Placement Test (APT) is a quick and easy way to see if your student is ready for Algebra I.

Let's Go Learn Reading and Math diagnostic online assessments.

Diagnostic Online Tests for Reading and Math

These 6 unique assessments function like a reading and math specialist. They have been statistically validated for reliability and offer accurate assessment reports tied to state reading and math standards. Results provide comprehensive recommendations to help guide your student’s progress. You can purchase several of these tests at once and take them at different times or at the same time on several different computers if you have several students that need to take the tests at the same time. The tests can take up to an hour to complete. You can save sessions and come back to them later.