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Scoring High on the TerraNova/CAT

This test prep program is one of the most comprehensive available for the TerraNova/CAT Test. The program gives your student(s) the self-confidence they need over several weeks of test practice.

Available in two options and two prices from Seton.

Both options include the Student Edition Workbook of approximately 150 pages which includes these features and opportunities:

  • Practice questions in Reading, Language, Word Analysis, Spelling, Language Mechanics, Vocabulary, Mathematics, and Science
  • Familiarizes the student with the test format
  • Expanded practice opportunities

2 Formats – 2 Prices

1. The Student Edition Workbook Only. Included is the Student Edition Workbook from the Kit. There is no Teacher Edition and no Answer Key provided with this purchase. Price $19.00 *PLEASE NOTE: Do not order only the Student Edition Workbook for grade 2. The Answer Key (option 2) is needed for use with the Student Edition Workbook for grade 2. However, you may purchase the student book separately if extra copies are needed.
2. The Student Edition Workbook and Answer Key. Included is the Student Edition Workbook from the Kit and an Answer Key for the parent or teacher. Price $26.00