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Stanford Online FAQ


What kind of test is the Stanford Online?

It is a nationally normed standardized test accepted in most states that is taken online at your computer.

Which grade levels can take the Stanford Online?

The Stanford Online is available for grades 3-12, but 3rd grade testing is only available from January 1 – July 31.

When does Seton administer the Stanford Online test?

Seton administers the Complete Battery and Abbreviated Battery of the Stanford Online weekly over a 2-day period on specified days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST according to the following schedule:

  • Complete Battery — Part 1 Monday, Part 2 Tuesday
  • Abbreviated Battery — Part 1 Wednesday, Part 2 Thursday

When are the session codes sent?

Session codes are created and sent on each day of testing. They are emailed prior to 9:00 am on each morning of testing. They do not carry over from one day to another.

If it is after 9:00 am and you have not received the email, try one or more of the following:

  • Check your spam box.
  • Login into your Seton testing account and see if there is a yellow page banner that has a link to click to view the Stanford session codes available for that day.
  • Check your invoice and verify that you are in fact registered for testing that day.

How long is the Stanford Online test?

The Complete Battery is a 2-day test with approximately 2.5 hours of testing each day. The Abbreviated Battery is a 2-day test with approximately 1.5 hours of testing each day.

  • Complete Battery — Approximately 4.5 – 5.5 total hours over 2 days.
  • Abbreviated Battery — Approximately 2.75 – 3.5 total hours over 2 days.

View/Print a two-day schedule for the Stanford 10 Online.

Is the Stanford Online timed or untimed?

The Stanford Online is untimed, but the tests for each of the session codes need to be finished by 5pm Eastern Standard Time each day of testing.

Must the test be completed all in one-sitting?

No, you can pause the test and take breaks during the day as long as you finish the testing for each of the session codes by 5pm Eastern Standard Time each day of testing.

Must all the sessions on a given day be completed on that day?

Yes, the codes you receive on Day 1 MUST be completed on Day 1 and the codes received on Day 2 MUST be completed on Day 2. Make-ups for missed sessions are done on Friday and new codes are sent.

I’m in the language session and it is prompting me to exit, but I am not finished. What do I do?

The language session is divided into two sections. Exit the first section when prompted and then it will go to the second section.


What does the online practice test cover?

There is an online, non-graded practice test of 29-34 questions (depending on the grade level) each day of testing for grades 3-8 which introduces students to the types of questions they will encounter on the actual test. It also familiarizes them with the Stanford Online test-taking process. You can purchase paper booklet Stanford Practice Tests & Practice Test Kits (Kits include the answer key) for grades 3-12 which we can mail to you before your scheduled test week.

Which subjects does the Stanford Online cover?

The Stanford Online tests Word Study Skills for grades 3, 4, and Fall of grade 5 only; Reading Skills/Comprehension, Vocabulary, Mathematics, Language, Spelling, Social Studies, & Science. Click the following link for a detailed chart of the Stanford Online Scope & Sequence.

What is the difference between the Complete Battery and the Abbreviated Battery of the Stanford Online?

The Abbreviated Battery does not include the Lexile measurement, plus there are fewer questions per subject area. In addition, the Complete Battery test report is more detailed than the Abbreviated Battery test report.

What is a Lexile measurement?

The Lexile® Framework is a tool for connecting the reading ability of a student (based on a student’s Lexile score) with reading materials (list of books) that have a suitable level of difficulty for the student. We have a PDF about the Lexile measurement or you can go to


When should I order the Stanford Online test?

We ask that you order 3 weeks to 5 months in advance of your desired testing week since we need to know ahead of time how many licenses to purchase for each person testing during a given week.

However, Stanford 10 Online orders can be moved up to an earlier test date all year-round. If you are requesting an earlier test date than is allowed at check out, in the comments box indicate the dates you actually want to test. Stanford test dates can be moved up until Thursday 5:00 PM the week before for the next week at no additional charge. After 5pm on Thursday, Stanford orders placed for the next week or Monday morning Stanford orders placed for the same testing week cost an additional $25 per student. In the comments box at check-out, you can give us permission to charge your credit card for the additional fee or you can call us toll free at 888-766-0029 to confirm.

What are the norming periods for the Stanford Online?

The Stanford Online norming periods are slightly different from the other standardized tests. August 1-December 31 is FALL norms. January 1-March 31 is MIDYEAR norms. April 1 – July 31 is SPRING norms. Stanford Online tests CANNOT be normed for a different period other than the one in which they were taken. In other words, no off-norm scoring is available for the Stanford Online.

Do you have practice tests for the Stanford Online?

Yes. There is an online practice test each day of testing for grades 3-8. You may also purchase paper booklet Stanford Practice Tests for grades 3-12 which we can mail to you before your scheduled test week.


What if we missed some of our scheduled tests? Can we schedule a make-up test time?

  • If your student misses a day of testing or fails to finish the subtests scheduled for that day, please call us regarding a make-up session. Remember, subtests started must be completed the day they are delivered. Make-ups are only granted for subtests a student did not access.
  • A nominal fee of $15.00 will be charged per student for all make-ups.
  • Make-ups are scheduled for the Friday of the student’s testing week.
  • We do offer specialized make-up days if someone absolutely cannot do a make-up test on Friday of their testing week. This make-up can only be scheduled with the Stanford administrator and the fee is $25.00.

Can I reschedule my Stanford Online order if my scheduled testing dates don’t work for me?

Customers may reschedule their testing date for no additional fee 3 or more business days before the beginning of the testing week. Tests rescheduled less than 3 days from the beginning of the testing week will incur an additional $15.00 per test rescheduling administration fee to be charged on their card. Once a test has been rescheduled it cannot be cancelled.

What if I want to cancel my Stanford Online order for a refund?

  • Stanford Online tests purchased from Seton Testing may be cancelled for a full refund 3 or more business days before the beginning of your test week.
  • Test orders cancelled less than 3 days before the beginning of your test week will receive a 50% refund.
  • Test orders cannot be cancelled and will not be refunded the day of testing.
  • Testing sessions can be rescheduled the day of testing BUT cannot be cancelled for a refund.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing by emailing Seton Testing Services at

How soon will I receive my Stanford Online test results?

Seton posts test results for the Stanford Online within about 2 business days after test completion. We will send an email notification.

  • Complete battery results are posted before 5:00 pm on Thursday.
  • Abbreviated battery results are posted before 5:00 pm on Monday.