Before Ordering Tests from Seton Testing Services

How to Order a Standardized Test

  • Orders must be placed 3 weeks to 5 months BEFORE your desired test date.

  • We ship standardized tests about 2 weeks before the testing date you select during check-out.
  • July 1-February 28 ONLY: To test sooner than 3 weeks out, do the following: For the IOWA, CogAT, and TerraNova/CAT 6, after selecting the earliest test week, in the comments box just above the “Place Order” button, say: “SEND IMMEDIATELY.”
  • March 1-June 30: IOWA, CogAT, & TerraNova/CAT 6 orders placed over the phone or online cannot be moved up and will ship 2 weeks before your testing date. This applies to walk-in customers also.

Ordering the IOWA Form E, CogAT, CAT, and TerraNova/CAT 6 at

Step 1: Login to your Seton Testing account or Create an account.

Step 2: Sign Test Agreement. (Skip this step if ordering the CAT.)

  • If ordering the CogAT, sign the IOWA-A/E Test Agreement.
  • Step 3: Add Test to Cart.

  • I. On the product page for the test scroll down to the shopping cart area.
  • II. Add Student if they are not listed. Update Grade of the student each year you order. (Skip this step if ordering the CAT.)
  • III. Select the appropriate grade level test for the student and add the test to the cart.
  • IV. Click “Continue Shopping” on the shopping cart page to add more tests.
  • Step 4: Check out.

  • Select a beginning Test Week that is 3 weeks to 5 months in the future.
  • If ordering the CAT, you may check-mark “Send CAT E Immediately”.
  • Step 5: Place your order using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

  • The cost covers student test booklets, test administration directions, answer sheets, basic shipping to you, scoring, and posting the test results.
  • Step 6: Receive a confirmation email shortly after placing your order.

    Step 7: Receive your test(s) one week before the test date.