Scoring High on the TerraNova/CAT (Grades 1-8)

scoringhighterranovaThis test prep program is one of the most comprehensive available for the TerraNova/CAT Test. With both a Student Edition of approximately 140 pages for extensive study, and a Teacher’s Edition of nearly 180 pages (including answer keys and scores of tips and suggestions for teaching test-taking skills), the program gives your student(s) the self-confidence they need over several weeks of test practice. The Student Edition includes these features and opportunities:

  • Practice questions in Reading, Language, Word Analysis, Spelling, Language Mechanics, Vocabulary, Mathematics, and Science
  • Teaches student(s) how to manage their test time
  • Familiarizes the student with the test format
  • Teaches test-taking strategies and tips that promote success
  • Expanded practice opportunities

*Please note, we do not recommend ordering only the Student Book unless you have already purchased the Teacher’s Edition. The Student Book for grades 1 and 2 cannot be completed without the Teacher’s Edition. You may purchase the student book separately if extra copies are needed.

$47.00 for the Kit (Includes Teacher’s Edition and Student Workbook) Copyright 2007.

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$18.00 (Student Workbook only – NO TEACHER BOOK/NO ANSWER KEY) Copyright 2007.

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