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Seton Testing Services has partnered with Let’s Go Learn® to bring you DORA Spanish/EDELL.

This assessment is a powerful, diagnostic online evaluation of English reading abilities that is designed for Spanish speakers.  DORA Spanish/EDELL provides an effective means of comparing students’ first language Spanish abilities with their developing second language English reading skills, and allows parents and teachers to best utilize those Spanish reading skills to further develop English reading skills. Like the original DORA, DORA Spanish/EDELL will assess students across seven reading subskills, using the Let’s Go Learn OAASIS platform to adapt to student performance throughout the assessment.


The seven subskills of reading assessed by DORA Spanish/EDELL are:

  • high-frequency words
  • word recognition
  • phonics
  • phonemic awareness
  • oral vocabulary
  • spelling
  • reading comprehension


  • Administration by anyone
  • Administration at any time
  • Measures seven subskills of Spanish reading ability
  • K-12 content adapts to each learner’s ability in real-time
  • Interactive technology features a mix of audio, text, and multimedia images to engage all students
  • Instant diagnostic and prescriptive individual student reporting
  • Instant classroom profiling into instructional groups
  • Adaptive logic reduces student frustration by making decisions based on real-time monitoring of student responses
  • Reports are easy to read and understand, and contain usable diagnostic information
  • Available for international use!

How to order


  • No requirements for administrators
  • No scheduling — can be taken immediately upon purchase, day or night
  • No expiration — test can be purchased in advance and taken any time
  • Test is un-timed. Estimated completion time: ½-1 hour
  • Program automatically adjusts difficulty level as student tests
  • Teacher/Parents/Students login here:
  • Getting Started Instructions
  • How to Get Started with Let’s Go Learn

Policies and procedures


  • Place your order online at or by phone at 540-636-1250 or 800-542-1066.
  • Seton accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card.
  • To place an order for the Let’s Go Learn® Diagnostic tests, you must create a user account.
  • All orders are subject to approval by Seton Testing Services.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

Test Delivery

  • The DORA Spanish test is delivered to your student in an online format. Please view computer specifications.
  • Score reports should be available online immediately upon test completion in your Let’s Go Learn® account.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • You may cancel your order up to 30 days after placing it and receive a full refund for any unused test.
  • You will receive a refund based on the pricing policy in effect at the time.