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Cracking the PSAT 2016 Edition


  • Updated information that reflects the most recent changes to the PSAT and SAT
  • Time-saving tips to help you effectively tackle the exam
  • Thorough review of all the math, critical reading, and writing skills you need to ace the PSAT
  • Targeted Math drills for Geometry, Quadratic equations, and Functions
  • Practice drills and detailed explanations for every topic that appears on the PSAT
  • Specific Strategies for cracking every question type
  • Exclusive “Hit Parade” of key PSAT Vocabulary words
  • 2 full length practice tests
  • Everything you need to know about National Merit Scholarships

Black and white. Copyright 2016. Soft cover. Approximate dimensions: 8.25 x 10.75 inches. 464 pages.

PSAT, SAT and ACT InformationCracking the New SAT

You should be able to obtain registration bulletins from a local high school, community college or a public library.  The registration bulletins list the centers and the dates. Please check them for the center most convenient for you.

It is important for Juniors (11th graders) to take the PSAT test, as there are scholarship opportunities based on the results. Most notably, the National Merit Scholarship program uses the PSAT as their benchmark. Ask a local high school for registration.

Current SAT and PSAT test dates and other information may be found at:

Current ACT test information may be found on the ACT Web site at:

The Internet is by far your best source for information on scholarships and financial aid. Putting in key words such as “scholarship,” or “college tuition help” and the like should gain you a wealth of information.

In preparation for taking the PSAT and the college SAT, we offer Cracking the PSAT, Cracking the New SAT, and The Official SAT Study Guide.


Alabama-990 199 Hawaii-991 299 Michigan-992 399 North Carolina-993 499 Texas-994 499
Alaska-990 299 Idaho-991 399 Minnesota-992 499 North Dakota-993 599 Utah-994 599
Arizona-990 399 Illinois-991 499 Mississippi-992 599 Ohio-993 699 Vermont-994 699
Arkansas-990 499 Indiana-991 599 Missouri-992 699 Oklahoma-993 799 Virginia-994 799
California-990 599 Iowa-991 699 Montana-992 799 Oregon-993 899 Washington-994 899
Colorado-990 699 Kansas-991 799 Nebraska-992 899 Pennsylvania-993 999 West Virginia-994 999
Connecticut-990 799 Kentucky-991 899 Nevada-992 999 Rhode Island-994 099 Wisconsin-995 099
Delaware-990 899 Louisiana-991 999 New Hampshire-993 099 South Carolina-994 199 Wyoming-995 199
DC-990 999 Maine-992 099 New Jersey-993 199 South Dakota-994 299 Puerto Rico and U.S. Territories-995 499
Florida-991 099 Maryland-992 199 New Mexico-993 299 Tennessee-994 399 Outside the U.S.-995 599
Georgia-991 199 Massachusetts-992 299 New York-993 399